Our state-of-the-art jet refinishing facility is the newest and most complex facility designed specifically for the control of airflow and temperature during the paint process. Our sterile “operating room” is actually climate-controlled and pressurized to 1 PSI during both the prime and the paint process. This causes any residual ionized dust, or airborne contaminants to be drawn up and away from the aircraft during the process. Controlling the temperature and airflow during this process is critical to a perfect paint job!

Our aircraft chemical strip facility is independent of our paint shop. This ensures that no crossover or contamination can occur.

Our maintenance facility is staffed with highly experienced FAA certified aircraft mechanics and inspectors that can accomplish any task, including windshields and sheet metal repair.

Advanced Aircraft Refinishers was selected as the premiere state-of-the-art paint facility in North America by AOPA to complete the 2007 AOPA sweepstakes aircraft, the Catch-a-Cardinal Cessna 177B. AAR, Inc. offers the strongest aircraft paint warranty in the business… but you won’t need it. Since opening in 2006, Advance Aircraft Refinishers, Inc. has completed more than 180 defect-free aircraft. Advanced Aircraft Refinishers typically maintains a waiting list of several months, so be sure to book your refinishing position today.